And stop wasting your time and ideas

My name is Michal Aviram. Shows I created and wrote on are on Netflix, Amazon and other broadcasters worldwide and I won Israel’s 2017 best screenwriter award.

Stephen King my idol – wrote that he watched and enjoyed my work!

At the end of this course you will have:

✔️Logline ✔️Character Development ✔️Structure ✔️Conflict ✔️Write in Format ✔️Synopsis

AND wrote the key scenes of your script and you'll be be all set to write your film or pilot

✔️Every topic has a short lesson and a task. (Scroll down to see the curriculum).

"I totally recommend this training, I like the structure and find Michal very inspiring!"

- Camellia Elerman

Get started now!

Get started now!

"Complete clarification on how to approach The Structure from The Idea!"

"Easy and quick, would recommend to all the beginners in Scrip writing field"

- Janith

"I loved the steps to take to begin developing an screenplay idea, and a practical way to get ideas down on paper and learn more about my characters and plot line.

I would recommend it to people at my college, who are also interested in film production."

- Liam Melcolm, Film student